Prosciutto – a Necessary Staple for Every Deli

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Prosciutto is an exceptional and truly necessary staple in every Deli.  Prosciutto is a natural and succulent ham with a silky and sweet, lush flavour.

Prosciutto is more delicate than other hams or items in your deli because it contains no preservatives and no colouring, therefore, it has to be handled with greater care.  Please take a few minutes to view this video. For those of you receiving this blog post via email, please click here. This video provides the history, processing methods, and most importantly, keys tips for your deli, such as:

  • Shelf life
  • Slicing suggestions
  • Uses

Your Deli counter is a very dynamic retail environment.  Offering a paper thin slice of Prosciutto as a sample to your customers is sure to impress and have them coming back for more.  Whether it’s imported or domestic, Prosciutto is a great addition to many recipes or simply as a fresh Panino with a slice of Provolone cheese and sliced tomatoes. Encourage your customer to enjoy a Prosciutto Panino soon!

We’d love your feedback! And of course if you have any questions about Prosciutto, please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment right here on the site, or via email or phone.

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