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Slow roasted tomatoes from Turkey…..yes you read it right, Turkey! Did you know Turkish cuisine is regarded as one of the most prominent in the world? A big emphasis is on refining Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines. Right away you may think of freshness, herbs, spices, night life and social get-togethers with family and friends.

The country’s location between the East and the Mediterranean Sea helps to nourish and enrich the acreages of soil where the tomatoes are grown. The Turks start by resting the land in preparation for planting. How they utilize the water and sun is what differentiates this slow roasted tomato from any of its competitors. As the tomatoes are filtered through to the end product, they are processed in 3 different ovens and at 3 different temperatures.  The process of this slow roasted tomato takes nearly a year to complete. The end result is a savory fusion delight. Investing insurmountable levels of patience reminds us of the catch phrase….”good things come to those who wait” and stands true for this Turkish slow roast delicacy.

While many people use these tomatoes as part of an antipasto dish, it can also be used on bread, pizza, in salads, pastas or accompanied with artisanal cheese and thinly sliced smoked prosciutto.

Slow roasted tomatoes from Turkey will definitely put you on the map at the dinner table for all foodies alike! Do not hesitate to challenge your taste buds and sink your teeth into these slow roasted tomatoes packed in oil or dry. Make a splash at the next summer bbq!

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